Are you start with small fashion business and small quantity?

We are here to help small and medium – size enterprises!!!

At Four Stripes’s garment manufacturing procedure has so many details: Kniting, Printing, cutting, sewing. We have our own knitting machines to produce single jersey, lycra and fleece fabrics and also offer in house reactive digital printing for natural fibers. We can assist with design of both garments and prints if required.

Why Our Garment Production is suitatble for you?

Choosing the right garment manufacturers to lower costs and save the time!

You don’t need to know much about apparel production procedure because we will help you with the technical, experience and even design. And then our team will guide you through the necessary step to make a garment from fabric to accessory.

Here is our working procedure:

1. Send us a detail description of your order requirements.

2. Our Sales Team will work with the Design Team and Production Team to develop your design, create a sample and give you a detailed quotation for your product.

3. After final sample is approved and we receive a production order from you we will prepare all raw materials and complete production to match the approved or sample standard in the specified time frame. 4. After an extensive quality control process your order will be packed to your approved standard and prepared for shipping either by sea or air to your required destination

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